I've tried thinking in terms of lines, not planes.

The birth of NFTs has resulted in a variety of collections being born and visualized online. Within this context, decentralization is envisioned, and individual entities that exist as points become planes through NFTs.

This time, I used the ENS, a symbol of individual identity in the realm of NFTs, to conceptualize a single collection as a line.

Please take a ride on the train headed by tsh.eth.



How to get on the train

New rides are currently suspended. If you wish to get on train, please contact me. https://twitter.com/toshiaki_takase

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Technical Note

In this project, we utilize the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and its NameWrapper on the Ethereum Mainnet. ENS makes ETH wallet addresses more human-readable. It also allows for the association of diverse records, enabling you to express your own identity.

Furthermore, in ENS, there is something called a "Subname" which corresponds to the concept of a subdomain in a URL. In this project, we are playing "train" by layering these Subnames.

Subnames are generated only from nodes already existing on the NameWrapper, and when they are distributed as NFTs, they are sent to the holder of that node. Therefore, participants need to wrap their own ENS in advance.






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